Janet Montgomery and Jeff Gold
Janet Montgomery and Jeff Gold



   Bounce Back!   Unlock Your Inner Resilience

  Build motivational drive and
  follow through.

 Get Creative with your choices

  Use a more positive thinking strategy 

   Practice Patience

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 "...I have been seeking a new Sales Position and I just received and listened to the CD. I felt it relaxed me and made me think of things that are important. The voice and Music puts you in a hypnotic state and relax. It got me to think that no matter how down you get on your job search you have to stay on tract. Finding a job is like perfecting a new skill, you have many setbacks to reach the ultimate goal..."                                                                                                                                        -Fred Schwarz, Vancouver, WA

"...Bought your Bounce Back! CD & listened last night for the first time. It was great! I'm usually hard on myself & your CD made me realize that whatever is going on right in my life is not my fault. I'm doing things right & have to continue to believe in myself until these situations pass. Thanks for all that you do! I truly appreciate you!!"

                                                                                                              - Anne  Hilbert, Los Angeles, CA